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Children Poems

A Child's Bedtime Prayer
Send angels Lord from heaven above...
The Seeking Shepherd
In Luke 15:4 Jesus compares himself to a shepherd who cares for ALL of his sheep, so much that he is not satisfied to leave one lost in the woods. This limerick prayer affirms his special knowledge of each of us and his resolve to keep us safe.
Baby Jesus
I sang this song to my kids when they were little. I was looking through an old box of poems I had written years ago when I found this one for Christmas.
God is Near
A children's poem.
Little Donkey
The little donkey who carried Mary.
Happy New Year! Genesis 8.13
A light-hearted look at Noah's arrival on dry land, brought by the grace of God into a world of new beginnings on the 'first day of the first month'.
"A" is for.....
An Alphabet Poem.
Winter Land Delight
God has blessed us with a beautiful snowy winter season...
Something Beautiful
This poem is in honor of any family who has faced the battle of raising a handicapped child. Every child in God's eyes is "Something Beautiful".