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Children Poems

Alphabet Rhymes
From our video storybook:
A Crumb Story
From our storybook video
A poem to be used at harvest festival time
We Pray In Your Name
Children praying to God.Touching and beautiful.
Fright Nightwinner of poetry contest
A children's poem.Children are often afraid of the dark. This poem teaches them that they are never alone: God's Spirit is always with them, and He will send His angels to guard and protect them while they sleep.
Li'l Puff
"Oh, why am I a little cloud but you are big and thunder loud? "Your flashing lightning 'crosses sky but I can't do it when I try... And also, when you rain, you pour! I try and try but can't rain more..."
Little one, Lame one, Long one, Lickpot, Thumb
This poem is true, my grandmother used taught us this when we were small and i ave passed it on through my grandchildren.
Mephibosheth! Mephibosheth!
Whenever I teach the Bible story about Mephibosheth in my children's church class, I always let those who want to say his name try to pronounce it. They have fun doing it, and it helps them remember the story.
Sounds of a Snowflake
Where does the sound of a snowflake go?