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Children Poems

This was written by my ten year old daughter, Cheyenne Polhans about her dad. She worked on this poem for a long time. Please enter with her name.
Sharing with God
childrens poetry
God's Creatures
A walk through the garden of God
Grandma and Little Kid Times
This poem I wrote for my son to take to the hospital for his Grandmother. Some of it isn't true because he never had a Christian grandmother but who says poetry has to be non-fiction?
This is a childrens poem, talking about questions that go through everyones head at one time or another.
Your Presence
There is something about being in the Presence of Jesus, that changes everything. It brings peace, comfort, strentgh and more than that, it brings the reality of our relationship with him.
A brief poem that reveals a believer's journey from skeptism to salvation
Your First Child
written for the birth of my friend's very first baby.
Going Home
Been wondering just what our home coming will really be like, and I've just let my imagination run free with this poem.