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Faith Poetry

Lessons from the Valley
This poem is a reflection on a low point in my life and how God was so faithful in those dark moments. I pray that it would resonate with those who read it.

Faith Lift
A face lift can make the natural man look younger, but a faith lift rejuvenates the inner spiritual man.

To and Fro
Let faith arise

As I Die
I heard about christian's that were to be put to death for their faith, so in my tears I wrote this poem about them and how they would be martyrs for Jesus. And this poem is true. Jesus will give them rest in heaven - freedom from their sorrows.

I Will Part Your Red Sea
Be strong and of good courage

Don't let the What if?
Don't let the "What if?" stop you

The Critical Race
This critical race of which I write is a fact for every Bible believing Christian.

This is an acrostic poem defining and highlighting repentance.

Peddling Along
A narrative on John 10:10

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