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Faith Poetry

A Poem on Psalm 46
Psalm 46 is one of the most well-known Psalms. Many souls have been blessed by hearing that God is a refuge and a present help. After reading this Psalm one weekend, I wrote this poem to express the thoughts that it conveyed to my heart.

Come Lord Come
Though my sins are many, along with the fears of today - through God's grace, I anxiously wait for my Savior

Life Creator, Life Redeemer
Through His grace alone, we can declare that we are the children and heirs of His Kingdom.

The Promised Land
Enter the promised land in faith

The expectation of Messiah began even before His birth--as prophesied in the Old Testament. These prophecies were fulfilled in the New Testament as searchers found Him during different phases of his ministry. Anyone who opens their heart can find Him.

No Storm Is Too Great
A poem dedication to all people regardless of their religion in the face of our suffering and the difficulties of living in our present day. May we all draw our truest encouragement in such times from God alone.

My Secret Mountain
This poem is based on Isaiah, Chapter 11 verses 6 through 9. These verses describe a beautiful holy mountain where all the animals live together at peace, led by a little child.. Everything here is beautiful and safe, engulfed by the Lord's love.

This is a simple little poem about a simple little word. It is a word that we say often when we pray, and when we attend church. We need to think about what it means, and then we need to say it with the conviction of faith.

You Chose Me
I was born abroad with a skin condition of dead skin cells all over my body. It was a rough introduction to the world, but Jesus had me. Who'd have thought I'd have had a chance at salvation?

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