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Poems About Truth

My hope for America
There are many gods in this world, but only one true God.

Beware of Idolatry
The Bible warns us against idolatry. Idolatry is a great danger today, and there are many forms of it that we need to beware of.

The Truth of God
Many profess atheism, but no human mind can really rest in that position for long.. Even while they deny the existence of God, they assume others know who they are talking about. This proves that His existence is impressed upon the hearts of all.

Be Careful finalist in poetry contest
This is a poem about the masks we wear -- those which help to keep us safe from Corona Virus and also all the other masks we wear which separate us from other people.

When we let them see our weakness, only then can they truly see His power.

Fairy Tales
Wishing things were perfect in this imperfect world and how God uses trials to teach us how to trust Him.

External beauty is momentary. The lessons of life however can create an internal beauty that is eternal.

I chose you
When you feel you have no purpose in life, remember the great price that was paid for your life and how important you are.

What is the Source?
There are many people today who, while denying God, have a lot to say about human rights. The question is, without God, where do rights come from? This poem asks the question and concludes with an alternative truth. There is a God!

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