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Poems About Truth

As Jesus Fulfills
I find that the more Jesus fills up my life the less room there is for Satan to slip in.
At God's Side
A young man named Jeffery Rentz asked me to write a poem that he could read at his grandfather's memorial service. It was an honor to write about Jim Rentz, a godly man. He wrote a poem called, "When We Have No Place to Go."
Today is my Father�s birthday. I am thinking about the time we shared together.
Open me up! I can speak for myself.
I sat and listened to a person talking passionately about hidden codes in the bible that will enable you to work out pi and other mathematical formula. While listening I felt so sad that he was not so passionate about the real message of the bible.
by Royston
God's Grand Plan
The mighty work of God
God, the Son
About God the Son
All That Matters
As I drove to work in a beautiful snowfall this morning, I came upon a beautiful cemetery with a fresh grave. It gave me pause to think about what really matters on this earth.
Missing the Call
When you're saved with no works you're missing the call.
For Those With Ears To Hear.
A hard hitting word written by one who's family and friend's outside of Christ contemplate his/her departure from this life.