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A Lonely Poem
A lonely poem that needs to be read.....
Unequaled Thrill 12-8-18winner of poetry contest
Sometimes words just fall short, but we keep writing because God- and His message- is worth it.
Gracious Gift
I am pro life, the audience in this poem are the mothers who have a baby in the womb.
My Headfire
Form is Sonnet
You Know Me Well
A poem about a poet who is in a writing slump...
I am His Poet . . .
Thank you to those who have written me and thanked me for my poetry . . . you are my part of the inspiration I hold on to . . . to continue on in verse. In Him, Deborah Ann
You Decide
A poem about how to stand your ground when all is wrong
A Wondrous Story
I'd love to be a poet- a real one, you know- so I could write man's world off allowing God's to glow.
The Poet's Task
True poetry seems to me to be related to the prophetic (truth) and has it's origins in etermnity. It is wonderful to find what the Holy Spirit gives us.