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Friendship Poems

Beneath His Willow Tree
Many things can happen 'beneath His willow tree'...
This is a poem I wrote for my friend Francine who sends me Scripture every day. She is so encouraging in sharing God's Word. I have been so blessed by her sisterly love in Christ.
Your First Best Friend
I have been writing a weekly series on best friends. This is one of many poems written on the subject of "Best Friends"
Some say, you lost your cancer battleI don’t see it that way at allYou my dear friend, were the victorYour faith, love, kindness, generosity, GRACE won the war!!!!!
My Best Friend
My best friend died young and unexpectedly. She knew the Lord and at that time, I did not. She is in Heaven and I know I will see her again someday..
Headed Back to Highland
They now have the senior center in my old elementary school. I joined the memoir writing class ten years ago. The Highland Elementary School closed but to me same school and same memories.
Thank You For The Card
Thankfulness and Appreciation
A Birthday IS a Gift
A poem I wrote for a friend's birthday...
I Have A Beautiful Friend
A poem describing my friendship with a female person in my life.