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Friendship Poems

The Wedding!
This poem was written in remembrance of a friend from church. It talks about her being united with Christ in marriage as Christ is to the church.

I Prayed A Prayer For You
I prayed a prayer for and old but dear friend tonight. It brought me peace.

I Love Your Heart
I have a dear friend who sits next to me in church twice a week. I love her heart and when we worship Jesus together, it is the sweetest time we share. I love her heart. I miss her when I go back home, but she is my sister in Christ now.

But Not Farewell
A poem I wrote to a friend before I left the area to get back with my wife. I may not every see him again, but I will always remember him for his love and joy.

friendship helps

Women of Christ
I have been blessed to have two friends that have enriched my spiritual life. They are so in Christ, despite many health issues, they are drawn to God in their desire to serve.

Kindred Souls
This is a special poem about some dear friends that are finally getting married. Over ten years of trials and tribulations, but faith and love have carried these precious Kindred Souls.

The Promise
A dear friend moved away, and I was heartbroken. She made me a promise that no matter where she goes, we have a Mansion waiting for us. We will live together eternally, sisters in Christ.She is fighting an illness now, and I ask for prayer for Deb C.

The finer things first in poetry contest
There are times when God allows very special friends into our lives for a time. When this happens, our lives will never be the same, and we feel blessed beyond measure. I hope to capture that moment with deep appreciation.

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