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Friendship Poems

The Promise
A dear friend moved away, and I was heartbroken. She made me a promise that no matter where she goes, we have a Mansion waiting for us. We will live together eternally, sisters in Christ.She is fighting an illness now, and I ask for prayer for Deb C.
Kindnesswinner of poetry contest
A true short story poem of kindness.
The finer thingswinner of poetry contest
There are times when God allows very special friends into our lives for a time. When this happens, our lives will never be the same, and we feel blessed beyond measure. I hope to capture that moment with deep appreciation.
I wrote this for a co-worker going through a hard time but then made it into a condolence card and used it for friends and loved ones throughout the years.
To all my friends
This poem was written to my friends, when the Lord lead me to a new beginning for His purpose in my life. I will miss all my friends that God has blessed me with for a season.