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Christian Hope

Where Hope is Found
When hope is looked for in what we can achieve it will always leave us lost and disappointed. However when we rest in his amazing grace, realizing our real life is hidden in Christ, we will find the joy of real and enduring hope!

A poem about love, death, and Resurrection. Drawn from John 11

Hope has a Home
Hope is so much more than wishful thinking. Hope's foundation is the truth of Christ. His grace disrupts our thoughts and lets us rest in His hope. No longer a stranger but home in God's love

Into the Breach
War is always with us, but Jesus promises a day is coming of peace for all His followers

Time finalist in poetry contest
Time can be a friend or foe, but there is a friend that we never have to worry about betrayal.

Missing You
The troubles of the soul when friend or loved one passes on.

Shadows turn to Sunshine!
There must be some benefits to living a Christian life! This poem outlines just a few of them for believers.

I Will Be Resurrected
I wrote this poem on August 5th, 2008 while watching my husband of 31 years, battling Colon Cancer. He passed away on August 11th, 2008.

The Resurrection and the Life
Inspired by John 11 : 25 - 26

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