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I'll See My Dad Again

by Margaret Cagle

Whenever I visit my daddy's grave,
Precious memories flood my mind.
I'll always remember his smiling face
And his voice so loving and kind.

Judging by this world's standards,
He was just a common working dad,
But in my life, he was my hero.
He was the best dad a girl ever had.

Daddy taught me to love the Lord.
And to read God's Word and pray.
He told me that if I accepted Christ,
I could go live in Heaven someday.

Daddy really loved the holidays.
His favorite was Thanksgiving Day.
"Thank God for sweet potato pie,"
He would always laugh and say.

My daddy worked long hours.
He always kept food on the table.
He worked to provide for his family.
He worked as long as he was able.

Mere words can never describe
How much I miss my dear dad,
But I'll see him again in Heaven
Where I shall never more be sad.

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