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by Connie K Cameron

Dad, a father, a teacher
Knowledge he earned through the years
I can smile as I think back
Then I blink away a few tears

It's been so long since he's passed
Dad, he went to heaven to wait
Together again, we will be
God knows that time and date

We really had a house full
seven when I was small
So many things he taught us
Though I wasn't a good kid at all

Dad, older and wiser
Just knows the way to teach
For him it came natural
Though I was a bit hard to reach

One lesson taught, fixing cars
As dad explained this engine
dark hair dark eyes, bright smile
He pointed out the piston

Hands were worn by years of work
He pointed to the lawn mower motor
Fingers that were rough but strong
"This is a spark plug, this is a rotor."

Tall and slim, his stature
He got my full attention
"It works the same" he said
"As most any car engine."

The Lord made us in his image
Myself, my dad, by my God, above
I will always be their child
And for them filled with undying love

The teacher with a huge heart
is one more memory for me to hold
I pray for the happiness dad possessed
As each new day, our Lord, unfolds

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