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The Cross

by Connie K Cameron

When I get down on my knees
And I'm praying desperately
And I'm calling out to You
Jesus, talk to me please

You know I'm sad now and then
And some days I want to fold
But it's with Your strong right hand
That You alone uphold

I see Your arms all out stretched
I see Your hands as they bleed
Your eyes look up to the sky
For redemption sake You plead

You take a sip and it is done
Side pierced by a soldiers hand
A sign that jests that you are king
A woman that can't bear to stand

Not forsaken, as it may seem
God's plan is just and right
Raised from the dead three days in
Your enemy has lost the fight

Now here I stand, give You my life
With the Word left to remind
I take you close into my heart
Your death the cross
You're the tie that binds

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