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Big Red Chair

by John Janzen © 2017

You step in view and see it there
The dreaded, awkward, big red chair
The one you’ve heard so much about
The one no Mommy lives without

You sit inside and look around
No comfort in the chair is found
It’s large and ominous in size
And difficult to realize

This giant chair before you now
Called Motherhood must fit somehow
Into the life you once enjoyed
By motherhood you’re now employed

The massive chair takes up such space
And pressures you to run the race
Of all the world expects of you
And every other Mom to do

A mother’s view from in the chair
Can often lead her to despair
Distraught with how she came to be
The fulcrum of the family

Clean up, care for, train them too
Sleepless nights are not a few
Then smile warmly thanking Ted
Who plucked a rose from neighbour’s bed

But Daddy’s great at helping out
When sons and daughters come to pout
Hear what he says when told what’s wrong
“Don’t look at me, go tell your Mom!”

A mother’s work is ne’re complete
With clothes to wash and mouths to feed
The tasks they mount up every day
Yet seldom thanks are sent her way

Despite the challenges you face
You’ve learned to trust the Lord for grace
And when your child their burden shares
You offer up to God your prayers

The times in motherhood you fall
You feel you can’t do well at all
Like that, a cry is heard and then
Your motherhood kicks in again

Some will say that Moms are drear
They’d rather build a great career
They cast aside without a care
That precious, awkward, big, red chair

But those have seldom done the math
To find the sum of chosen path
The cost of letting sitter Sue
Raise Jane and John and Sally too

The blessings missed will take their toll
In hardened heart and saddened soul
In missing golden memories
For temporary days of ease

This chair is not for faint of heart
It never ends for those who start
Those who survive till day is done
Pray rest before next is begun

One may wonder what it takes
To give oneself for others’ sakes
Why a mother pays the price
And gladly makes the sacrifice

Just what compels a woman to
Postpone her dreams and sit right through
Uncomfortable, yet calls it good
This big red chair called motherhood

It’s surely more than meets the eye
It’s surely more than “let’s just try”
It must be sights set on the Prize
A “well done” heard from Jesus Christ

This Mother’s Day your chair is praise
May children, Fathers, voices raise
To say may Jesus, Lord above
Reward all your unfailing love

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