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Life's Journey

by james christian

Oh the waves of many voices
Calling, pleading for our choices.
Oh come they say, and some say go;
Temptation's waves toss to and fro.

As the winds of sin fills our sails,
Fleshly pleasures seek to prevail.
Hope crumbles to it's knees and hides,
As souls are tossed from side to side

Then comes a voice from our heart's helm,
Singing, don't you be overwhelmed.
And troubled peace looks out to see
The storm of life on this journey.

Listen, temptations are not sins;
Follow your course as set by Him.
You might get sin-sick on the way,
Remember the cure, "Jesus Saves".

Ahoy, ahead the promise land,
So arise and let your hope stand.
To temptation's sins, just say "No",
And on life's journey onward go.

Such is the voyage of your trip;
And for all who ride on faith's ship.
The waves and the wind swell your pride
Making your trip a bumpy ride.

This ship is sealed with His own blood,
And nailed securely by His love,
From His cross there at Calvary.
Faith's ship sails to eternity.

Let the breath of God fill your sails;
Temptations come in fleshly trials.
Keep your mind on Christ and find peace,
And the winds and waves they will cease.

Inspired by the scripture Matthew 7:7, "Seek and you shall find."

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