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Thoughts of You

by ceeteeaye

When the sun is released from the womb of the night;
When the moonlight, so soft, from the daylight takes flight;
When the sunrise announces the birth of the day,
And the dazzling light fades the starlight away,
I think of You - and it brightens my life
Dispelling the darkness of inner strife.

In the heat of the day, with the sun shining high;
With the thin wisps of cloud making shapes in the sky;
When the warmth of the sun makes me dwell on my dreams
As I sit, half-asleep, basking in the sun's beams,
I think of You - and in that glow I rest
As it melts the cold shafts of my loneliness.

When the sun disappears o'er the dark mountain peak,
And the earth is enveloped in love's strange mystique;
When the beauty of dreams causes lovers to sigh,
For they know that their fancies are 'pie-in-the-sky',
I think of You - this no mere fantasy -
Those thoughts of You are my reality.

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