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So, this is Christmas?

by ceeteeaye

All the malls are crowded; filled with angry shoppers;
Tired and impatient, with their teeny boppers!
"Mommy, buy me that toy - Robert's mom has bought it!"
"Q-u-i-e-t! Or I'll smack you... then you can report it!"
Trolleys heavy-laden, filled to over-flowing...
All these Christmas extras... where is it all going?

Mom has slaved for hours, cooking Christmas dinner
If you leave a green pea, you feel quite a sinner!
Turkey, roast potato, cranberry and stuffing -
There's so much food to eat up, Dad's already puffing!
Then there's Christmas pudding - custard by the ladle...
What has this to do with Jesus in a cradle?

Wrapped up presents lying, neatly round the tree;
Christmas stockings bulging - "What's in it for me?"
Children list their preference; parents obligated...
Cars and dolls and train sets - battery-operated!
Have you seen the prices - it is daylight thieving...
Shopping! Eating! Presents! What must I believe in?

I know what this must seem like - it is so confusing,
And I want to guide you as you do your choosing.
Christmas makes us happy - all the decorations;
Family-get-togethers, joyous celebrations...
None of this would mean much, 'cept as strange behaviour -
'Cos Christmas isn't Christmas, when there is no Saviour!

This poem won first place for the April 2007 poetry contest

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