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Truth and Facts

by A Janeen Quillman

Truth and Facts

Truth is a part of God himself
And is incapable of change.
Facts originate from this earth
And can be readily rearranged.

When we have a clear understanding
Of the difference between these two,
We can take control of our lives
And in faith can make it through.

So what is truth? Words spoken by God
As a gift to all creation,
To reveal Himself and His great love
For every tongue, race and nation.

In His mercy God gave us His truth
We can depend on it every day.
As we face life’s uncertainties
Truth will guide us along the way.

So what are facts? Words spoken by men
To relate our present and past,
But in this ever changing world
Lack the ability to last.

Both truth and facts respond to our voice.
Be aware of which one you choose.
Speaking truth will strengthen our faith,
Stating facts ends up we lose.

When I am faced with dark facts in life
And all my efforts have failed,
I replace worry with warring
Speak truth and watch it prevail.

When these two forces of truth and facts
Collide and are compelled to meet,
God’s truth will give us the victory.
The facts will submit in defeat.

Job 12:12 Is not wisdom found among the aged?

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