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I Respect The American Flag

by Margaret Cagle

Years ago in our public schools,
We pledged allegiance everyday
To our beloved American flag,
And we'd read the Bible and pray.

I was taught to respect the flag,
To love God and my country too.
We'd have God and Country Day,
And wore red, white, and blue.

Times have changed, I know.
It's a choice a student can take.
Choosing not to say the pledge
Is a choice that one can make.

I still love God and my country,
And I respect our flag so dear,
And I always get emotional
When the national anthem I hear.

High above a public building
Is such a lovely sight to see.
There flies our dear Old Glory,
Flying for the land of the free.

We can rally around our flag,
No matter what our party may be.
Political parties have a common goal.
We all want our land to be free.

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