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My Great Dad

by Margaret Cagle

You will not see my dad's name
In the lights or on the stages.
You will not see it recorded
In any history book pages.

He was just a plain, simple man.
He never had fortune or fame,
But he was my sweet, loving dad,
And he was great just the same.

Others called him "Mr. Charlie."
He was well-liked by everyone.
He was a very great loving dad
To five daughters and one son.

My dad tried to rear us right
In a devout Christian, Bible way.
He and Mom took us to church,
And they taught us how to pray.

My dad worked so very hard
To provide for his family right.
He worked on every holiday,
And he worked late every night.

Dad loved his children dearly,
And he dearly loved his mate.
He always put his love in action,
And that is why he was great.

Dad is waiting in Heaven for me
With Mom, upon that Golden Shore.
I will see my great dad again.
I'll be with him forever more.

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