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Poppy's Old Straw Hat

by Pearl Leona Sturgis

Poppy's Old Straw Hat......
Poppy had an old straw hat
and Donnie loved it so.
He always begged to wear it
everywhere we'd go.
So Poppy placed it on his head
but it was way too big.
Wait a couple years he said.
"You're just a little kid."
But Donnie kept on asking
as weeks and months went on.
Poppy let him wear it
till he asked to take it home.
Now Poppy let him wear it
but he made one thing clear.
The two of them share it
whenever he stayed near.
When Donnie grew much older
the straw hat fit just right.
He leaned on Poppy's shoulder
and tried with all his might.
"Please Poppy, can a borrow
your hat at home awhile....
but the only thing that Donnie got
was Poppy's famous smile...
"Alright then! Donnie answered,
Can I have it when you die? ""
His Mom said, "Donnie that's not nice"
and Donnie asked her why?
He said now that I'm seven
the hat fits on my head
and Poppy will not need it
so I'll wear it instead.

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.Matt. 5 vs 14(KJV)

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