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Fathers Love Letter

by April Smallwood

Dear little Lindsey thirteen years of age
I know this time in your life can be an awful stage
So many questions are running through your mind
How to dress, who to be, don't you see this world's got you blind
It's clear you are confused and don't know what to do
But all you need to know is i'll be here for you

Beautiful Tiffany, seventeen years old
Your values are shaken you don't seem so bold
Just smoke this and cross this line with him just one time
But once started it's a slippery slope to climb
There's a lot of pressure and it's so tempting to give in
If you put your trust in me I can make you shine again

My lovely Alyssa, you just turned twenty-two
You're becoming impatient thinking your prince forgot about you
But he is out there I promise, just wait and see
You will have to learn patience and wait on me
He will be the one you see in your dreams
Until then I'm the one on whom you should lean

Don't just make me your God but also your best friend
I am here, I am real, I'm not make believe or pretend
Put your heart in my hands and forever there it will stay
I will always be here I will never go away

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