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Ode To My Mom

by Gertrude Jefferies

When we'd drive up to our front door,
It was really no surprise
To see a happy, smiling face,
And two bright twinkling eyes.

Were we one day gone or several,
This one thing we knew for sure,
There'd be Momma at the window
Till we'd all be home once more.

We knew she'd pray for all of us,
As she watched with keen delight,
That God would bring her girls home safe,
No matter how late the night.

She'd pray for the driver also,
For protection as he drove,
That we'd be covered from all harm,
From drunk drivers on the road.

She's no longer at the window,
But she's watching just the same.
She is looking down from Heaven,
Where she's watching without pain.

We miss her happy, smiling face,
But we thank the Lord, each one,
For giving us so many years
With a watchful, praying Mom.

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