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The Crucifixion

by Kimberley Allen © 1993

In each ear Satan whispered a lie,
"This isn't the Son of God! Crucify!"
Jesus silently took every torturous pang
While they mockingly watched Him on the cross hang.
"Get Yourself down if Your God's Son!" They cried.
Jesus looked on them and painfully sighed.
A written accusation hanging over His head
"This is Jesus, King of the Jews," it said.
Now in the ninth hour dear Jesus, He cried,
"My God, why have you forsaken me?" Then His body died.
Next the earth shook and rocks broke apart,
When Jesus, He died with a broken heart.
The ones that were there stood and watched in fear
And said, "Truly it was, the Son of God here!"
Now we all know how the rest of it goes
Within just three days our Jesus arose!
Hallelujah! Praise God! Thank Him each day
For coming in the flesh to save every stray.

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