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The Mind

by Michael Carlton

Let Your word flow like a river,
Nourishing my weak mind.
For it is hungry for knowledge,
And without it I'm blind.

Rescue me from all temptation,
Let wisdom be my shield.
Against the current I will tread,
To sin I will not yield.

When I pray, let it be like breath,
Persistence will break walls!
A wind that carries me away,
With speed that never stalls.

Let my thoughts precede my harsh tongue,
So that I may know peace.
For with words of Your true wisdom,
All hate will surely cease.

Wickedness tickles at my feet,
Seducing all my will.
So surround me with God's people,
Then evil cannot spill.

Wine sparkles with it's seduction,
Yet makes one act a fool.
A drink to taste may be alright,
But don't drown in it's pool.

May my labor be done for God,
Let diligence shine through.
Keep spiritual wealth before greed,
So my faith remains true.

Let me be meek for I am small,
And God controls all life.
But those with pride I pray for them,
For all they know is strife.

May my needs come after others,
For Jesus had done so.
The joy in me will spread like love,
And always overflow.

Let my ways be just and peaceful,
Filled with Heavenly light.
With God's Armor I will not fail,
To do all that is right.

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