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Thorngrapes and Thistlefigs

by Jeffrey Zachary © 2004

Many wonderful things God has made for our use;
Like milk cows for ice cream, or
oranges for juice;
Or, sweaters from sheep's wool, or
footballs from pigs;
But what about thorngrapes? What about thistlefigs?...
The fact that these fruits don't really
Won't keep me from putting them both
on my list;
Of things that are dang'rous, or
unsafe in our lives-
Thorngrapes are prickly, thistlefigs,
You can't eat them, or wear them, or share them with friends;
And DON'T try to throw one- it'll
just stick to YOUR skin!;
There aren't many foods you can put these bad fruits in;
There's just Thorngrape Jelly and Thistlefig Newtons;
But now for the good news- they're easy to spot;
With their thistles and thorns, points and barbs, and what-not;
MUCH easier than spotting the farmer who digs;
In the ground to plant thorngrapes and more thistlefigs;
No, it's not quite so simple with some folks you meet;
Their thistles are hidden, their thorns more discreet;
But the things they will do can be sharp, and the fact is;
They can hurt just as bad- kinda like prickly pear cactus!;
Jesus shares of His wisdom, and has many times shown;
How to weed out the bad guys- "By their fruits they are known";
With practice, with God's help, you'll be able to tell;
The good ones from thorny- and the thistley, as well!.

This poem won second place for the December 2007 poetry contest

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