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I Love Your Heart

by Kathleen Higham

Oh, how I love your heart
You query, what does that mean?
As I sit beside you and worship
This friendship has come into being.

Oh, how I love your heart
The sweet innocence of your prayer
Your tears fall down endlessly
For a moment, your heart I share.

I can feel your love for God
Even glimpse upon your sorrow
When you bow your head to pray
I pray with you for another tomorrow.

Sharing thoughts that are intimate
Often laughter with tears abide
A total trust and peacefulness now
Your presence, a comfort by my side.

Oh, how I love your heart
When the worship comes to an end
A smile will touch those gentle eyes
Then an embrace from my friend.

Oh, how I love your heart
There are so few secrets now
An understanding has come to me
That you stole my heart somehow.

Now I query, what does this mean?
Not knowing if or when I'll return
But, you have become my sister
What a tender lesson to learn.

The answer to the query solved
The meaning I've come to know
I just simply love your heart
So, I take it with me when I go.

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