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God knows

by Peter Hall

Ever cried till there's no more tears
hurt and pain greater than your fears
disapproval drowns out the tears
God knows.

When no matter how hard you try
success mocks you as it waives goodbye
happenstance causing you to wince and sigh
God knows.

Need a greater power than self
knowledge & wisdom to come off the shelf
head knowledge alone has left me bereft
God knows.

Saved by His life brings a power within
overcoming the seen, overcoming sin
now having everything I need to live
God knows.

This has come at a great big price
The Father's son to be sacrificed
risking rejection, God threw the dice
God knows.

Do you know what its like to lose a Son
can't look at Him as He says "it's done"
Now identifies with loss, will you now come...
God knows....

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