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Fisher of men

by Peter Hall

The Holy Spirit went fishing,
I am one of His catch,
He searched for me and found me
on my destructive beach.

Then He reeled me in so tenderly
Till I was in His care,
Bought me into His Kingdom
A new identity there.

But now I feel a compulsion
To be a fisher of men,
So I cast my line
Over the loch and glen.

I get so excited
When I feel a tug on the line,
When a fish can see the life
That comes from the One True Vine.

I also get disappointed
With the one that gets away,
But there'll be some more bait
For the one that goes astray.

I'll keep on giving them Jesus
There's plenty of fish in the queue,
Cos' I want to be a fisher
A fisher of men just like You.

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