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Satan's Defeat

by A Janeen Quillman

It was God’s divine will Jesus knew well
To save the lives of mankind from hell.

Fulfilling God’s purpose and holy plan
Would require the life of a sinless man.

Eternal life and death were soon to meet
As Jesus prepared for Satan’s defeat.

Blood filled sweat from the agony within
He began to bear the weight of man’s sin.

Scourged by violence and hatred He reeled
With ripped open wounds for ours to be healed.

Beaten beyond the recognition of man
Jesus was God’s pure sacrificial lamb.

A crown of thorns they crushed into His head
As mercy ran down in great drops of red.

Nailed to the cross by His hands and His feet
Determined through pain His work to complete.

Father forgive them they know not what they do
He prayed moved by love for the Gentile and Jew.

Giving up His life He suffered and died
Before they thrust a spear into His side.

In darkness His body lay in the tomb
His followers filled with sadness and gloom.

High in the heavens at God’s holy throne
The blood of Jesus for man’s sin atones.

Creation rejoices, the battle is won!
Resurrecting to life is God’s Holy Son.

Jesus regained eternal life for man
By defeating Satan’s death centered plan.

Ascending to heaven in great victory
Our Savior reigns for all eternity.

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