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by louis gander

Took root, a little baby vine
had grown from tiny seed;
but it was insignificant,
so meaningless indeed.

Yet it drew our attention to
its cute, industrious scene';
and it seemed very harmless here
in suited leaves of green.

It hugged a tree so gracefully.
We thought we understood.
We thought it all so laudable.
We thought it all so good.

But was it we were taken in
by 'ends' we thought would be;
through 'means' by which it made its mark
upon one healthy tree?

That tree had given all it could.
"I welcome you," it said.
And so the vine continued up,
consuming tree... 'til dead.

Because of its misfortune here
our hill became abuzz.
Persuasive and invasive and
persistent it sure was.

But care? Oh, no. Us bothered? Not!
For we could never fall!
We each had thought us healthier
and stronger than them all.

Well, one by one our trees did fall.
Those vines grew larger still.
They grew the way they wanted to
while thieving our good will.

I should have stopped my little vine
that squeezed a bit too tight.
It's hug was a deceptive one
that never seemed quite right.

We all had thought that we were safe,
but we were 'taken in'.
Our hill of trees was killed off by
just one deceptive sin.

No, sometimes we can't "coexist"
when others want their say,
when others prove their disrespect,
when they demand 'their way'.

From cults to sick be-headings and
abortions, "right-to-die",
have we forgotten, God is Love?
The rest is all a lie!

We cannot 'coexist' with sin.
God's truth and life we need.
If Jesus lives within our hearts,
He kills that sinful seed.

We forest trees majestically
had stood atop that hill.
If only we'd been prudent and
been faithful to His will...

One Nation under God we were,
but we had thought it fine;
that we allow a monster here
from cute and tiny vine.

Matthew 7:15 (KJV) "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

This poem won first place for the January 2015 poetry contest

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