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by Jerry Hoffman © 2005

In bitter agony He wept
While close the listless watchers slept.
They promised they would watch and pray,
But darkness stole the day away.
And so, before the Father's throne,
My Savior knelt and prayed alone.

The soldiers came in dread array,
To take the watcher's Lord away.
But they awoke in sore affright,
Then disappeared into the night.
No confident no comrade known,
He faced their mockery alone.

Golgotha's skull leered at the cross,
The watchers wept at the great loss,
But none came forward, each in fear,
Watched from the ranks as death drew near.
And when death's final seeds were sown,
Christ faced death's darkened veil alone.

On Him alone God's wrath was spent,
To Hades' shore alone he went.
Alone Christ filled the breach that day,
Alone He rolled death's stone away.
The captive captives, He alone,
Brought safely to the Father's throne.

The watcher's fearful tears will dry,
When day eternal gilds the sky.
Those standing at the judgment seat,
Will cast their crowns at Jesus' feet.
All glory, laud and honor known,
Will be bestowed on Christ alone.

This poem won first place for the April 2008 poetry contest

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