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The Joy of the Journey

by Rachel Jamerson

Many years have come and gone
Since as a girl I stood
Poised upon the threshold
That leads to womanhood

With great excitement, I knew not,
In my anticipation,
The price to be required of me,
To reach my destination.

The long and lonely road ahead,
From which there'd be no turning,
The scars acquired from many falls,
The rocks to slow my journey.

I knew no matter what the cost,
To finish was my duty,
But nestled there among the rocks,
Were blooms of wondrous beauty.

Moving quickly through the door,
I dared to leave my station,
With nothing more than faith in God,
And great determination.

Looking back across the years,
At last, I understand.
The beauty of and reason for
God's overarching plan.

The unknown world from which we came,
Outside this earthly sphere,
Is being prepared for us each day,
Based on our journey here.

Nothing here will we take with us,
When we reach the journey's end.
But how we used it while on earth,
Is what will matter then.

What waits for us on the other side,
No matter what's been said.
Are not the things we gathered here,
But those we sent ahead.

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