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Great-Grandpa's Old Flag

by Margaret Cagle

When Tom was a child growing up,
He loved to visit Great-granddad.
He liked to see his old war relics
That none of his other relatives had.

Great-grandpa had an American Flag
Hanging on his living room wall.
It was torn, tattered, and full of holes,
And it was good for nothing at all.

As a child, Tom viewed this flag
As just a part of Great-grandpa's place,
Along with all the old war relics
Displayed in Great-grandpa's case.

As Tom grew older, it seemed strange
To keep a flag in such bad array.
One day he told his Great-grandpa,
"You should throw that old flag away."

Then Great-grandpa sat Tom down
And told him the sad true story
Of why he kept the old tattered flag
Which he referred to as "Old Glory."

"This flag was in a battle," he said,
"Along with me and my comrades too.
I made it safely through the battle,
But the others didn't make it through."

"God brought me home from the war,
And I brought this flag home with me.
My buddies did not make it home.
They died for this flag, you see."

Then Tom embraced Great-grandpa
As he turned tearfully to him to say,
"I will help you protect Old Glory,
And I will never throw her away!"

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