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God Loves the Game of Baseball

by Scott C McGrath © 2014

God loves the game of baseball
America's pastime made great by rules
So enjoy 9 innings of divine completeness
While wary of the one who’ll steal on you

The game's not officially started
'til the batter steps into view
God's not much for butts on wood
Be it in the dugout or on a pew

The pitching mound's His pulpit
But the players need to read His words
Then squash the bug into swing stance
Swing with faith at a ball so blurred

God throws the fastest curve ball
Batter or bleacher bum's ever seen
Unless the Spirit guides bat to ball
First base'd be where no one's been

He possesses the greatest ERA
Not His style to give up walks
Such value on effort & follow thru
He even penalizes the balks

God loves the game of baseball
Each "play ball" a new pursuit of perfection
Yes, He does check out the score
But it's how we play that stokes His affection

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