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The Daily Grime

by A Janeen Quillman

As a child we learn to wash our hands
Especially before we eat.
We wash our bodies before the day starts
Making sure we are clean and neat.

But how often do we stop and think
About some of our inward parts,
The ones that only our God can see
Like our minds, our souls and our hearts.

Each day that we live in the darkness
Of this sin-filled world we will find,
We accumulate what might be called
The buildup of the daily grime.

For instance the magazine covers
As we wait in line at the store,
Sending our thoughts down the wrong path,
Tempting our minds to read more.

The judgment we form in an instant
At the rudeness someone displays,
Not knowing of the problems they face
Or their strain to get through the day.

What about the aggressive drivers
Who swerve over rushing to work?
Do we bless them with safe driving skills,
Or react by saying, "You jerk!"?

Add to that the computer and TV
With scenes we know we should not see,
That linger long after in our minds
Pulling us from God easily.

So these are a few of the places
We encounter the daily grime,
And now that we have been made aware
Don't you think it is about time,

We take a few moments to consider
Our experiences along the way,
And ask God to forgive us and wash us
Clean inside to meet the new day?

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