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That Blessed Day

by Kevin Smead © 2018

O Lord how I long, for that blessed day,
“Come quickly dear Jesus,” Is all I can say;
I try to hold on, and fight the good fight,
But only your coming can set this world right.

Political answers are failing,
All human endeavors are ailing.
The churches seem weak and distracted.
The pain is intense and protracted.
Man’s judgments are sad and divisive.
Your coming judgment decisive.

O Lord please make bare your powerful arm,
Bring justice, at last, on those who do harm.
Let righteousness flow, on this earthly realm,
From the forces of evil, O Lord, take the helm.

No doubt we will soon hear the trumpet.
You’ll come in your Kingdom triumphant.
Your people are praying and waiting,
As earthly hopes are all fading.
While the world is ever darkening,
We, to your Word, are hearkening.

O Lord how I long, for that blessed day,
You are coming quickly, you’re now on your way.
Your church is preparing, though darkness is dense,
To welcome and celebrate you as our Prince.

O how my heart is delighted,
To think that the wrongs will be righted;
But O how I tremble and fear,
For I’ve also been wrong it is clear.
Humbly I fall on your marvelous grace,
Knowing your blood - my sin has erased.

O Lord how I long, for that blessed day,
But I know if you wait, it is just to display;
Your patient love, and your salvation grace,
For no doubt there’ll be more your plan to embrace.

Bring my heart into sympathy,
With all of your gracious activity,
Teach me to love my fellow man,
By showing them your saving plan -
So they’ll be ready for that day,
And join us as we watch and pray.

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