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This is my Cielo !

by Cowen211 © 2019

My Cielo

I needed nothing for this last journey
No staff, nor bag, nor bread , nor money
This place is lit by the lamp of the Lamb and is flowing with milk and the sweetest of all honey
"You'll get trapped in that paradise of the Bible", I was told
Now I'm dead and here I am lying in this bed of diamonds, with prisms layed in roads paved in gold
There's no gate
No Peter the key keeper
No more sin , death or pain
Just our spirit filled, heat seeker leader
Simply , Christ , is the name
I see a tax collector , killer
Who once took a trip to Demascus but suddenly backed off
covered in sackloth and ashes
On earth? Well , I was just this low class nomad who roamed on off beat stone paths and wrote these little poems in both halves of this here , topaz notepad
A once murderous liar
who could be lying on a bed of sharded glass fibres and be burnng forever in cast iron, gas fires
but instead I'm just sitting in a field with the Bible's staff writers that God himself assembled so who the Most Highest had hired
You could say I'm thigh high in Beryl , Jacinthe and Emerald
That's about " two feet " up from my phalanges , through my fibulas to my femorals
Oh my God !! I just met Hannah, she's the mother of the prophet Samuel !!
Ezekiel is here , he's talking to Mary , Job , Ruth and Daniel
Ok , ok , I need to go from narrow..... to broader
Im hanging with this sweet Lamb that was slaughtered up on Calvary's altar with 3 nails
because that is what He offers when he emptied out His arteries
He covered all my trip's charter fees
so that I could play the harp with King David while these Angels sing our harmonies
This is the new Earth , the new Heaven , soon consumed by the new Jerusalem
This is my new body and in this place literally everything is in unison �
So now I'm back to where we all started, in the garden
I'm swimming in the River with the Author of Life
There's no snake here to make my proverbial heart hardened
Just Amethyst , Peridot and Crysolite
A crypto crystalline form of Silica
"Hey , Chalcedony , you can call me Jasper"
I'm in Crysoprase , Agate like silex
I'm in the forever after
There are ions in these phonics and it's their sounds that makes them phonically phonetic
Alternating Pyrite and Pearl , layed in layers of Sardonyx
it's His Holy Spirit that keeps these energies kinetic
There's semi - precious Carnelian !!
There's all the these colors made of light
All I ever did to reside here ??
Was simply lose my life in Christ


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