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by Susan Mouw

It is by faith we are saved, and not by works
Lest any man forget
Christ paid the price for all our sin;
the debt is paid and yet

There are those today that will tell you;
Even from the pulpits it can be heard,
That heavenly sacrifice was not enough
And to ignore the truth in God's word.

We must do this first, and that second,
We must follow some imaginary law.
We must bow down to those above us,
and honor them with our faith and awe.

We must follow the ways of those
who have gone before.
We must pray amongst ourselves
Instead of praying in one accord.

God's word is real, and inspired
And the truth within, plain to see
It is not by works our sins are forgiven,
Nor by acts, our salvation will be.

The apostasy is real and present
But we must return to the One
By Who's power and sacrifice we are forgiven
And by Who's Will it is all said and done.

Isaiah 53

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