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by Linda Wolovich

I remember as a child, our dad would be gone
Before the rising of the sun.
He worked as hard as he could, for the sake of his family,
Until there was no more work to be done.

Our dad was not educated, no diplomas to show,
But he possessed more skills than a few,
From roofing to plumbing, electrician to mechanic,
Seemed there was nothing that our dad couldn’t do.

But more than all that, he had such love for the Lord,
He taught us to do just the same.
Always put Jesus first more than anything else,
Above family, or riches, or fame.

He dedicated his life to serving the Lord,
He shared Christ with all who would hear,
When someone was hurting and just needed to talk,
He was there with a listening ear.

He had faith to move mountains, he believed no matter what,
That God always does what is best.
And if things didn’t go as he had hoped or imagined,
I know in Jesus he would confidently rest.

But as time went on, his health started to fail,
His memory began fading each day,
His abilities to witness and bear others burdens,
Were slowly drifting away.

No fault of his own, these changes took place,
We missed seeing the fervor in Dad’s eye,
God’s plan not revealed, His ways were unknown,
It was so hard not to question, “Lord, Why?”

Even though he wasn’t the man we had known for so long,
There is one thing we can certainly know,
All the seeds Dad had planted for so many of years,
Will carry on and continue to grow.

For the love that he showed and the things he did share,
Doesn’t end when the time comes to part,
He will ALWAYS be remembered, His legacy carries on,
As a man after God’s own heart…..

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