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by Josiah Williams

Am I going to die?
Am I going to heaven?
What if I'm only five?
What if I'm only seven?

How can I expect to live
In eternity with you?
If I won't share or give
And none of my words are true?

Do you really love me?
Do you really care?
Can you set me free
From sins that sting like a snare?

Or am I freaking out?
Oh, what should I do?
My head is filled with doubt
About if You're really true.

But the Bible says
'Have no fear'
Becasue we are His
We can be filled with cheer.

And so I pray
To You all day
Because You can show me the way
And You'll never lead me astray.

Thank you, Lord
You always knew
That all I wanted
Was to be with You.

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