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The Wedding!

by Patricia Joan Polhans

There is going to be a wedding just on the other side,
The wedding I have longed for as his church, his precious bride.
He will wipe away all the tears from my weeping eyes.
For when I see him face to face I'll have no need to cry.
Each tear has been bottled up as I cried to him in prayer.
The many times I sought his face he was always there!
Death cannot torment me now, for eternal life I have regained.
And the grave has no hold on me nor does it have its sting.
He called me to his wedding feast in the wee hours of the mourn
And clothed me in his gown of glory as the wife that he adored.
I am very sorry that I had no chance to say good-bye
For when my husband called for me I just had to reply.
And now I'm on my honeymoon, just my Savior and me
And I am being taken to the home he's prepared for me.
The great wedding is awaiting me just o'er the rolling hills
Where I shall be with my Savior doing his blessed will.
He has prepared a place of honor just for his bride to be
Where I have taken my place with him through all eternity!

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