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Tribute to Norman Geisler

by Kevin Smead © 2019

This my tribute now I give.
For one departed saint.
Norman Geisler, man of God,
For truth he did not faint.

He was a fine apologist,
He stood firm on the Word.
He cited reasons to believe,
So many hearts were stirred.

Philosophy he knew it well,
He knew his Bible better.
He defended inspiration
Of the very words and letters.

He spoke about creation,
And he preached the Trinity.
He believed the virgin birth,
And in Christ deity.

He stood firm on the gospel,
Based his faith upon the cross.
In defending resurrection
He was never at a loss.

Now he rests with God above,
His soul is shining bright.
His faith so firm, unshakeable,
Has given way to sight.

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