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Keep Your Eyes on Me

by Cassandra Perez

You hold my hand when I fall
You keep me safe through it all

You lift my head to look to the sky
You keep my thoughts lifted on high

I may stumble but will not fall
Because you are leading me through it all

I hear your voice in my heart
It shows me where to start

It tells me not to fear
And shows me you are always near

You say "Step in to the water keep your eyes on me
I will calm the waves in your raging sea
Keep your eyes fixed dont look away
It is in my presence you should stay"

So I will follow where you lead
It is you that knows my every need

You are the maker of my being
Forever your praises I will sing

Where you lead me I will go
In you alone I desire to grow

I want to say thank you once again
Before I close this prayer and say amen

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