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Oh What Great Love!

by Margaret Cagle

Parents' love for their children
Can be very great indeed.
They want them to be happy
And try to supply their every need.

The love between two spouses
Can grow stronger every day.
They seek to please each other
In all they do and all they say.

In our relationships on earth,
Sometimes human love may fail.
"I do not love you anymore,"
To another one may tell.

There is a love that is far greater
Than love from the human soul.
It's unchanging and everlasting
While many ages roll and roll.

Oh what great love God has for us!
He sent His only Son from above
To die for poor lost sinners.
I am amazed at such great love!

Praise God! Jesus is alive!
He arose on the third day.
He's with His Father in Heaven.
He intercedes when we pray.

Yes, Jesus died for one and all,
And He can be your Savior too.
Accept Him in your heart today.
Oh what great love He has for you!

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