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A Double Portion For Grandma

by Margaret Cagle

During my childhood years,
My Grandma was so dear.
She was a great part of my life
Because she lived so near.

Everyone called her "Grandma,"
And she loved everybody too.
The sick would use her remedies,
For she knew just what to do.

Daddy took us to Grandma's house.
It was a mild day in the fall.
We went to help our Grandma,
Though my sister and I were small.

We started toward the field
To pick up pecans off the ground,
And as we passed the barn,
We thought we heard a sound.

We ran fast to get our daddy.
"Someone's in the barn!" we cried.
Daddy went in to investigate.
My sister and I stayed outside.

Daddy came out with two little boys
Who looked very much alike.
They were Miss Elizabeth's twins.
Their names were Mark and Mike.

"Mama," Daddy came to ask,
"What are we going to do?
Miss Elizabeth has left town,
And she left the twins with you."

"Well since my children left home,
Now for nearly over a year,
I've been praying for God to send
Someone to keep me company here."

"Praise God! He sent a double portion!
With a little help from my family dear,
I'll raise these boys just like my own.
Son, there's nothing we need to fear."

Grandma kept those twin boys,
For Miss Elizabeth never came back.
She reared them to adulthood,
And there was nothing they did lack.

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