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My Friends

by Joy Wieters

Contradictions personified.
Oxymorons, stride by stride.
How can I not be horrified?
These are my friends.

How can you stand and laugh at me,
Then turn around sweet as could be,
To gush at what good friends we be?
You mockingbird.

They're wonderful to everyone,
Who hasn't heard their "brilliant" pun!
How underneath their cloaks of fun,
Are polished guns.

And somewhere in the near future
I must stand up and say, "I'm pure;
I'm no longer your caricature."
My actions speak.

Like a waterfall, this pressure be.
"Conform!" The splashes say to me.
Twill thin a rock eventually,
Drip after drip.

So now I stand, away from you,
A Daniel in my lonely pew.
I'm showing you by what I do,
That I'm not yours.

You've suffocated me with narrow thinking,
I'm going to move on, and stop this sinking.
No deer-in-the-headlights, nonsensical blinking!
No matter what you say.

I simply will not compromise.
This should not be a surprise.
I'll not be captive to your lies;
I will escape.

What, O Fear, can hold me back?
I fear not death, nor friends to lack;
With God I'll face a brunt attack;
He fights for me.

I am dying for a life.
Though I might create some strife,
I just will not sacrifice,
Peace in my heart.

Devoutly scowled upon I was.
And everything I hate's because
Of your echoing guffaws-
Knives in my back.

I could not speak save but a lie.
I'm scowled upon – I must comply
With everything – it's that or die.
And so I did.

I died to everything I know.
I let this awful downpour go,
I just stopped going with the flow.
I came alive.

I died to live, I fell to fly,
My heart awake! I dare to die.
Are they surprised? I say goodbye.
And off I go.

Like flowers blossom in the spring,
So I now blossom for my King!
I've chosen a new song to sing;
I'm singing loud.

God brought me through torrential rain,
And showed me how His lamb was slain,
And with a solid conscience; sane,
I forgave them.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2008 poetry contest

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