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The Last Season

by Robert Hedrick © 2017

If today ushered in a new season,
yesterday closed one out,
The four of them, right on time to
show us what they're all about.
Bringing us scenes of beauty only
God their Creator can display,
Each has a personal message that
it attempts to relay.

Winter comes with its storms and
temperatures that are cold,
Even with these problems, there's
much beauty to behold.
Although it may take time to feel it,
the calendar says spring is here,
Soon there'll be flowers and leaves,
just as it happens every year.

Then summer comes, warming the
water as temperatures rise,
Soon there's lighting and thunder
as dark clouds fill the skies.
Relief is on the way as fall brings
cool nights, to put us under cover,
The leaves begin their color show,
pleasing to any nature lover.

These four seasons come each year
and they come rather fast,
The important thing to remember is,
that one of them will be the last.
Which one isn't an issue, just that it
will someday take place,
As Jesus returns to gather those who
were saved by His grace.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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