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Grace and Gratitude

by james christian

Birds they don't plant, but they do reap,
And no excesses do they keep.
They trust God for water and bread,
And by His hands are daily fed.

Some birds give thanks by singing,
While others wave their open wings,
And some they say or do nothing;
But all birds belong to the King.
Who knows when one falls to their death,
For all birds live and die in faith.

And like these birds, we must become
And to God's table daily come:
To eat of His Word, and so live,
To drink of His Spirit, and give
Grateful thanks to our God and King,
Who loves us, and gives us all things.

So with our arms stretched and upraised,
Let's give God the glory and praise.
And if we forget to thank Him
Remember we're secure in Him.

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