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From His Heart

by james christian

From His heart...the Word
Was breathed and given birth.
And God, He was heard
Creating heaven and earth.
God said, and it was,
The words formed all His thoughts.
God is the Eternal cause
that made all things from naught.

From His heart...the Word
was breathed into a womb.
Conceived - Christ the Lord.
To bring us life, deaths' doom;
God's glory in earth,
A new creation begun,
Emmanuel, on earth
Jesus, God's Holy Son.

From His heart...God's Word
Cried in His final breath,
"Finished", said the Lord,
As His life took on death.
God made His Son sin,
To pay for mankind's wrongs:
Sin and death didn't win,
But opened up God's Kingdom.

From His heart...Christ came;
[Jesus who saves and loves]
To believers on that name
Graced from our God above.
Back, by God's own breath,
From the shame of His cross;
Victor of sin and death;
First fruit of Pentecost.

From His heart...Christ comes
To all who will believe,
Jesus is God's Son,
Who died at Calvary,
And rose from that death
To guide us in our lives.
Be graced by your faith,
God lives to give new life.

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